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Patras Wireless Metropolitan Network

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Welcome at Patras Wireless Metropolitan Network. Here you can find information about registered nodes of PWMN and services running on the network. If you want want to participate you can always try to register. For registered users, there is support for private messages.


To create a new account, visit registration page. To complete the registration you have to confirm your email. If, for any reason you didn't get any email, you can request to resend the email.

Add Your Node

To create a new node you must be a registered user. After you have logged on on the system you can request to add a node.

Declare links

For each node you can declare its links with other existing nodes.

  • If you are a client node, declare only one link with the access point that you have been connected at.
  • If you have created a backbone link, declare it with as many information as possible. For complete link, the other node must add also link information.
  • If you own an access point, declare it so that clients can declare their links at you.

Managing your Nodes

For any node you can update its information by visiting its page. Through your node page you can also interract with the Hostmaster team, to request IP Ranges, DNS zones and nameservers.

Try to update your nodes, with as much as possible valid information. If you see invalid data on foreign nodes don't hesitate to contact them and request to update/change their public information.